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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use On A Roll before our competitors?

We are family owned and operated - service from start to finish is completed by On A Roll and not subcontractors (which all the big stores use). We care about our customers from sale point to completion. 

Which carpet for my rental property?

Keeping the cost down, providing comfort and a covering that’s pleasing to the eye are all achievable.

We recommend loop piles for a hard wearing finish and solution dyed nylon (SDN) for a yarn that is known in the industry as “the carpet cleaners best friend”.

It’s also important to provide the required fire rating certification to meet BCA standards for your building type - something overlooked by many of our competitors.

Wool or Solution Dyed Nylon?

This is a tough one but these two are really the only yarns we would have in our own home. Wool for luxury, insulation characteristics and environmentally friendly foot print.

SDN for value, ease of cleaning and bug resistance.


How do I keep carpet moth and beetle at bay? 

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum!


How do I stop my carpet prematurely wearing out?

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum! Dust and dirt will mat the top pile of your carpet while the dirt deeper down will break down the carpets backing. It also pays to have your carpet cleaned by a professional once in a while to remove soils and grease, oh and if you can - shoes off! 


Which Vacuum attachment for my carpet?

Simple. Motorised heads for twist piles and flat smooth heads for all others.


Floating floors or hard set Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)?

90% of the time we would recommend LVT.

LVT can be installed flush to skirtings with no need to remove or have unsightly beading around the edges.

Point loading capacity is much higher and there is no risk of planks slipping apart. Damaged planks can be easy swapped with LVT whereas large sections may need to be removed with a floating floor to achieve the same result.

Can I lay Vinyl over my existing ceramic tiles?

Yes! Provided the tiles are not loose from the sub-floor. There are lots of smoothing compounds on the market these days that will adhere to existing tiles with a good primer. The final product in most cases is only a 5mm height difference. We can also ramp your existing carpets for zero transition.


MDF / HDF vs Hybrid SPC? 

Hybrid exceeds its predecessors in all areas; so much so we have entirely removed MDF / HDF products from our range.


Why would I choose LVT and not real timber? 

Real timber is a beautiful living product which moves with the season, creating gaps in the boards. Timber will also need sanding and polishing every 2-3 years. If you're looking for maintenance free, LVT will look great for decades.


Why would I choose LVT stone collection over ceramic tiles? 

LVT will not crack or chip from dropped items but our biggest feed back on this is NO CLEANING GROUT! 😁


Have a question? 

Feel free to email or call us!

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