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ANTA Flatweave

Since 1984 ANTA have followed a tradition in Scotland for designing and manufacturing natural and sustainable flatweave carpet, stair runners and rugs. ANTA designs are inspired by the landscape and seasons in Scotland which provide the greatest colour palettes for any design.

Made from British wool, woven at 180cm, the ‘rub count’ is over 150,000 which means the carpets are hard wearing enough for commercial use as well as in the home - ANTA carpet is made to last a lifetime. Wool is a natural product that is sustainable, biodegradable and resilient. It is a natural insulator and sound proofing material.

ANTA carpet cloth is finished with a stain resist treatment and is suitable for wall to wall fitted carpet, stair carpet and some upholstery.

Stair and hall runner standard widths 90cm - 180cm.  Can be cut and turned down to multiple sizes.

Carpet width 180cm hand sewn to make room size widths.

Rugs/runners  270x240cm, 180x250cm, 120x180cm, 90x250cm, other sizes available by special order.

Cubes 45x45x40cm.

Carpet bags various sizes.

Items available for pickup at our Altona store and in some cases delivered free depending on area, allow 2-3 weeks stocking time.