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Sophie Cooney Runners

Sophie Cooney Runners is the original creator of contemporary, Kilim inspired flatweaves for stairs - bringing together unique designs and outstanding craftsmanship to create the finest handwoven runners.

Employing a growing team of highly skilled artisans in Turkey and India, it produces collections that are instantly recognisable by their quality weave, bold colour combinations and striking designs. Sophie Cooney Runners have been transforming hallways worldwide since 2014.

The collection includes two distinct ranges: The Wool Range, handwoven in Turkey, are bespoke pieces that create lasting impressions, whilst also being incredibly hard-wearing to endure a lifetime.

The Raw Cotton Range, from India, offers great value with vibrant colours and a ‘lived-in’ look due to a slight fade over time. Much like a pair of well-worn, well-loved denim jeans.